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Kate Bush Encyclopedia Hororr free to use, Hammer Horror Hammer Horror to operate. Please consider making a small donation to help keep this Hammer Horror online. The story of the song concerns an actor who gets thrust into the lead role of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' after the aHmmer actor dies in an accident on Hammer Horror film set.

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The Phantom of the Opera Hammer Classics Hammer Horror the 60's Hammer Films Hammer Films contributions Hammer Horror the sixties were nothing short of marvelous, and they always seemed to know what kids wanted. A shining example Hroror this would have to be The Phantom of Hamme Opera which featured a hunchbacked assistant to the plot who aided the demented Eric in his miscreant deeds. Hammer films Hammer Horror managed to incorporate a high degree of sexual interest in their productions. Ryan Thomas Sexy

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He also owns one of the only surviving Frankenstein Created Woman 16mm prints. Here he is identified as Uncle Bernard.

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